Watch: Instant karma after a man learns the importance of cable ties

A video posted on Imgur has taken the internet by storm after a man’s idiot decision was captured on camera.

The video, posted yesterday has already had 68,916 views on the viral website.

The footage was filmed from inside a car pulling up to a junction.

Directly in front of the car is a white pick-up truck.

The truck appears to be moving quite slowly and has a large load on the back.

A three piece sofa suite can be seen perched on the edge of the truck.

Unlike most cars in a similar situation, no ties have been used to fix the sofas down.

Instead, a man is standing at the back of the truck holding them into place.

Unsurprisingly when the car turns, the sofas start to lean and topple over the side.

In a desperate attempt to keep a hold, the passenger starts to fall with them.

In a shocking turn of events, the man falls, clinging to the back of the van by his legs before falling into the middle of the road.

Fortunately, he does bounce back up again but the fall is sure to have cost him a few bruises, alongside his now damaged furniture.

Hopefully next time he will remember the importance of cable ties.

This isn’t the only time a drivers bad decision has been caught on camera.

One video went viral after a black car skidded into a handbrake turn on a busy junction.

Just as the driver finished performing the handbrake a car pulled up behind him, a car that turned out to be a police car. 

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