WATCH: Did that just happen? Viral footage captures THIS astonishing incident

Thanks to viral videos capturing the nation and spreading everyday behaviour that would have otherwise gone unseen, shocking real life scenes are available to the public.

With the rise in popularity of dash cams, road accidents are being caught on camera with the drivers named and shamed.

This incident, in particular, will have you questioning what you saw.

The footage is filmed from the dashboard of a car waiting to pass through a line of barriers.

A passenger inside a black car, which appears to have already passed through the barriers, is about to shut the left hand door when the driver hits the accelerator.

Before the door is fully closed the car speeds off towards a busy road on the other side of the barriers.

Catching the curb with its tyres, the driver appears to have put their foot down as the car quickly gains speed in a puff of fumes.

As the black car gathers speed, a silver car can be seen driving towards to the main road in the direct path of the speeding car.

For a tense moment, it looks as though a serious collection is about to unfold.

However, in a shocking turn of events the speeding car drives up a grass embankment and manages to fly over the silver car clearing it by a couple of inches.

Whilst airborne its is not clear whether the speeding car will crash, but miraculously, its lands just after the silver car on the other side of the road.

It is still unclear why the car sped away from the barriers, but if the driver every tries a similar move again, they probably won’t be so lucky.

Previous dash cam footage captured another near miss when one driver’s brass actions almost caused a terrible crash.

The driver can be seen rapidly changing lanes to avoid missing the exit off a busy motorway.

Whilst avoiding the cars on the busy road, the driver forces one car already, on the slip road, to drastically swerve out of the way.

Slamming against the exiting car, the bad driver forces the other to drive up onto the grassy bank in an attempt regain control. Fortunately, the car manages to right itself, and on this occasion nobody looks to be hurt.

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