Seven Year Switch viewers horrified at REPULSIVE remarks ‘I won’t iron or do women things’

George is married to wife Michelle, but refuses to iron, cook, or clean as he is “a man” and won’t do “women things”.

However, as part of the experiment he was switched with another wife called Rachel, who was far from impressed.

The show explained: “For working mother Michelle and real husband George, expectations about who does what around the home are rather different.”

Michelle revealed: “George thinks women are there solely for cooking and cleaning and looking after the kids. He is chauvinistic.”

Defending his actions, George said: “The way I was brought up is the man usually goes to work. He’s the provider. The woman usually stays at home and does all the women things.”

Asked if George ever cleans, Michelle huffed: “I have to keep his space clean and tidy. It’s just ridiculous.”

When he unpacked his suitcase while out in Thailand with swap wife Rachel, she kindly asked if he needed anything to be put on a hanger in the wardrobe.

George replied: “My tops… but do you know how to iron?” prompting Rachel to reply: “Yeah.”

Ecstatic, George replied: “Great! I don’t iron,” as a horrified Rachel responded: “No, I know how to iron. I don’t iron for Tom though.”

George then asked: “Oh. That’s a bit sad. Why don’t you iron for Tom?” leaving a shocked Rachel to say: “Because he can do it himself!”

The swapped husband then said: “There’s certain things I won’t do. I won’t iron. I just don’t want to do it,” as Rachel suggested: “You need to learn though. I’ll teach you how to iron.”

George wasn’t happy, saying: “No thanks!” as Rachel insisted: “No, I am going to. That’s ridiculous. You can’t just be like that, when you go home you can iron!”

He then replied: “No, genuinely. I’d prefer not to learn. It’s not me being weird or anything. It’s just, I don’t want to learn thanks.”

Viewers instantly took to social media following George’s comments, with one tweeting: “This man is actually repulsive, how’s he going to iron his clothes when he’s alone & single?! #sevenyearswitch.”

“Who the hell does George think he is? He doesn’t want to iron but he expects Rachel to iron for him. Such a pig #SevenYearSwitch,” raged another.

A third added: “Wowwwww can’t iron won’t iron he’s looking for a new mummy not a wife. What’s he gonna do when he’s single? #sevenyearswitch.”

“Quite simply, the misogynistic p***k George who refuses to iron his clothes and thinks it is fine to call his wife and the mother of his child a s**g, needs to get walking in to that sea… #sevenyearswitch,” noted another.

Seven Year Switch continues next Tuesday on at 9.15pm.

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