| Dad’s chilling final phone call before he was murdered – allegedly by his own son

Washington man is accused of killing his parents a week after he was allegedly
kicked out at home.

Standley (21) is facing two counts of aggravated first degree murder in the
death of his parents, Theresa Standley (56) and Steven Standley (55).

to CBS News, the father made a chilling call before
the murder.

“He called another son last Wednesday and
said Jared had returned unexpectedly and that he should call 911 if he didn’t
hear back in 15 minutes,” CBS News reported.

The News Tribune reports that Jared beat his mother to
death before he shot and killed his dad

to reports, Jared admitted to murdering his parents because he “hated them that much”, he told
the detectives.

“He said he first beat his mother with a
bat, hitting her several times in the head, and wrapped her in the tarp with
plans to bury her.”

He then
waited for his father to get home.

“The defendant said he was trying to get
his father into the house so he could shoot him quietly or could stab him with
a knife,” deputy prosecutor Jared Ausserer wrote
in the declaration for determination of probable cause.

“… As his father attempted to push the
door closed to prevent Jared Standley from entering, he shot his father in the
head, through the glass on the door.”

By the
time the cops went to the house Jared wasn’t there, according to People.

The Pierce
County Sheriff’s Department’s Facebook page states that when they arrived at
the house they saw a bullet hole through a window on the front door and soon
discovered victims’ bodies.

“They eventually found him after tracking
down his rental car at a Comfort Inn.”

detectives were involved in a shootout with Standley, during which he was shot in the shoulder.

Standley pleaded not guilty Monday and was
ordered held without bail.

likely that the prosecutors will push for the death penalty in the case,
according to the Tribune.

Sources: People, CBS News, The News Tribune, New
York Post

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