A cleaner at a local Hardware store today left co-workers stunned when she quit her job in dramatic fashion, having hit the big time with a sudden influx of cash. Tina Morris, 26, from Topeka had been a cleaner at Best Buy for more than seven years. As one of the longest-serving employees she was well-known to workers and customers alike.
On Monday morning Ms Morris came into work as normal, only to immediately quit her job, leaving behind her uniform and the contents of her locker, and leaving bosses at the store stunned.
“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said co-worker Jennifer Alderton, 22. “Tina had always been a pretty quiet girl. She just kept her head down and got on with the job at hand. And then today she strolls in with this big grin on her face like she won the lottery or something. She said to me she was never working there again.”
Not only has Ms Morris quit her job effective immediately, signs are she’s also looking to leave her rented apartment. When reporters for the local paper visited they noted a brand new Lexus sitting in the driveway. Ms Morris was not available for comment, but her neighbors noted that she had spent the last few days celebrating with friends late into the night.

This is notably uncharacteristic for Ms Morris, who by all previous accounts was a quiet and reserved individual, who spent most of her time working. There are also rumors circulating that she handed out hefty wads of cash to some of those closest to her both at work and around town, although these have yet to be confirmed.
“It’s obvious that something’s happened,” said one neighbor who did not wish to be named. “Although she wasn’t struggling to get by before, she was never what you’d call rich. Like everyone else in this economy she had to work hard in order to make ends meet. And now, almost overnight, she’s quit her job and is acting like a millionaire. I only wish I knew what her secret was.”
Rumors are rife about Ms Morris’s surprise windfall, with speculation around town ranging from inheritance from a wealthy relative, to a lottery win, to an online scheme that finally paid off. Many citizens are speculating wildly on how Ms Morris made her fortune, with some even suggesting that it could be the windfall of a bank robbery or similar crime. Police have noted that there is no cause for suspicion, but refused to say more. Townspeople are more than keen to learn Ms Morris’s secret, and see if they can follow in her footsteps.
For the time being, however, Ms Morris is tight-lipped about the source of her wealth. Whether she’ll divulge any information at a later date remains to be seen. For the time being, all the people of this little town know is that they might well have a millionaire in their midst, and will be watching eagerly to see what she does next.

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