Mr Dale revealed that the BBC wanted to pit him against three Remainers in a panel discussion on the February 22 edition of Newsnight.

However, when the Brexiteer asked for 50 per cent of the screen time, in an effort to give himself an equal chance, the BBC stated that it would be “unfair”.

Mr Dale explained: “I was invited onto a BBC programme a few weeks ago and it was going to be me versus three Remainers and this was on the evening of the Chequers exchange.

“It was basically a Tory story, so they were going to have two Labour supporters and a Conservative Remainer against me. I said ‘I ain’t doing it’, I was quite happy to engage in the argument, but not one against three.

“So I said ‘well okay if you give me 50 per cent of the air time and you give them 50 between them, I might consider it’ and they said ‘oh no we couldn’t do that because it would be unfair’.”

The LBC Brexiteer did appear on the show alongside Faiza Shaheen, the director of the Centre for Labour and Social Studies, and Conservative Remainer Matthew Parris.

However, Mr Dale revealed that he was able to have Alastair Campbell dropped from the show after he complained about the massive presence of Remoaner views.

He went on: “I got them to drop Alastair Campbell which I still remain quite pleased at.

“It was still two against one though.”

The LBC presenter was asked by a young Brexiteer about a potential “conspiracy” from Remainers to keep the UK in the European Union or at least single market and customs union.

They asked: “Do you think there is a conspiracy, so we’ve got Tony Blair and John Major in the same week coming out and saying we should stay in the customs union, we’ve got Labour meeting with the European Union…do you think there is a conspiracy to try to keep the UK in the EU or at least keep us in the single market and customs union of the establishment, are they all working together?”

Mr Dale explained that there is a “concerted effort” from the “establishment” being put together as part of a desperate effort to reverse the will of the British people.

He then pointed fingers at the BBC for lacking in equal representation surrounding the issue.

The LBC presenter went on: “I don’t believe there is a conspiracy but I do think there is a concerted effort on the part of the ‘establishment’ to scupper Brexit.

“By the establishment, I don’t just mean the civil service, but I also mean the media and there will be people that laugh when I say the media is bias against Remain, but they are.

“I mean the BBC is the biggest part of the media and if you look on any panel show you very rarely get an equality of Remainers and leavers, you certainly never get a majority of leavers, but you more often than not get a majority of Remainers.”

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